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Terms and Conditions

General Policies
Return, Exchange & Warranty Policy

Orders may be returned within 30 days of purchase only if equipment is still in full working order with no visible damage or wear and tear and is returned complete, in the undamaged original packaging.

We honor the manufacturer’s warranty, which varies by manufacturer and by specific product. If a replacement part is required, you may either 1) return the defective item, and once the returned item is received by our team we will ship you a replacement, or 2) if you would like the replacement shipped prior to the defective equipment arriving at Security Masters you can purchase a replacement via our online store for us to ship out. The total cost of the replacement order, including shipping, will be refunded once the defective equipment has been returned to us. Shipping charges are otherwise non-refundable.

You are responsible, via a carrier of your choosing, for shipping charges to return the applicable product and all parts and accessories included in the original packaging.

This RMA and Return Form must be filled out and included with any returned equipment.

Terms & Conditions

We offer our Do-It-Yourself Monitoring as a month to month service. There are no long term contracts for service. We believe the equipment you purchase is yours to do with as you see fit. When you end service with us, we release your module. And we will not lock out your programming.

What to Do if You Need to Report a Change of Address

Change of address? No problem! Your system can move wherever you do.

Should you find yourself moving to a new address, and you are taking your system with you, please notify us by submitting a secure message . Please include the following information in your submission:

1. The current street address for the system being updated
2. New system street address, city, state, zip code
3. New location phone number (if applicable)
4. Any changes to your contact list (if applicable)
5. Date you would like these changes to take effect

You can submit this form to make a change in your address.

Please remember to also update your billing address if applicable.

Terminating Your Account

Our DIY services and monitoring are offered with only a month to month obligation. We ask for notice at least 10 days in advance of the month in which you wish to no longer utilize services.

Please use the submit your cancellation using this form.