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2GIG TILT1-345

2GIG TILT1-345


2GIG TILT1-345 is a wireless garage tilt sensor

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The 2GIG TILT1-345 is a wireless garage tilt sensor designed to protect a traditional overhead door or basement tilt windows for a 2GIG Go!Control panel, also known as the GC2. Tilt sensors like this and the Honeywell 5822T are equipped with technology that determines the status of an overhead door by its vertical or horizontal positioning. Overhead doors are in a vertical position when closed and horizontal along the ceiling when open. When properly installed with the arrow facing up the TILT1-345 detects a fault on a garage door as soon as the upper portion of the door begins rolling back horizontally. This requires optimal placement of the sensor at the very top of the door. If the sensor is mounted lower on the door it will not show as open until that portion of the door reaches the horizontal rails.

The TILT1-345 uses a standard coin cell battery (CR2032) which will operate for 5 to 8 years under normal residential use. When the prescribed voltage level is reached a low battery trouble is reported to the panel. If Alarm.com and/or central station service is configured customers will receive alerts of the low battery situation with ample time to replace the battery before the sensor stops functioning.

This tilt sensor offers a wider operating temperature range than most of the other 2GIG 345MHz RF sensor. It is optimized for garage environments that may fluctuate more drastically when uninsulated. The sensor should operate normally between 0 to 120° F degrees (0 to 49° C). There are certainly areas in the world where your garage may reach below zero or rise above 120F degrees. In these cases we recommend checking out the Honeywell 5816OD. The weatherproof casing and epoxy internal coating allows this sensor to operate at even more drastic temperatures of -40° to 150° F degrees. You can use this type of sensor with the included magnet or hardwire a contact to the internal terminal block. Check out the 958 overhead door contact if you plan on hardwiring.

Note: The TILT1-345 does not currently work with the 2GIG GC3 on firmware 3.0.1. This may change with future firmware updates. We recommend the 5822T linked above for GC3 alarm owners.


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